A local weekend retreat with your InsideOut small group


January 17th - 19th



Registration is available until Jan. 12th



Check-in (At Host Home)    6:30

Session 1 (Northpoint)         8:00

Small Group (Host Home)   9:30

Disconnect & Recharge     10:00



Session 2 (LAND)                9:30

Outing & For Austin             11:15


Afternoon Varies by Small Group

Dinner (Northpoint)              6:15

Session 3                             7:00

Small Group                         8:30              

Disconnect & Recharge    10:00



Clean Host Home                7:30

Pick Up at Host Home         8:15

For Parents

Reminders from our Events Director

Dinner on Friday

Eat at home or grab some food on your way to check-in at the host home. Night 1 is hectic and the session doesn't get going until 8pm, so we don't have time to eat dinner at Northpoint, but we'll have snacks and more at the Host Home!

No Student Driving

Please drop your student off and pick them up. Students are not allowed to park at the Host Home except for extreme circumstances. Parking puts too much pressure on the Host, so just carpool and drop them off.

Disconnect & Recharge

We genuinely want students to disconnect from technology and connect with each other. Students will charge their phones at a charging station and put them away from 10PM - 8AM. Please don't expect to contact your student during this time. For emergencies, you can contact your students small group leader or our emergency contact.

Packing List

Check out the packing list for what you need to bring!


  • Pillow & Sleeping Bag

  • Neon for Saturday

  • Lawn Chair

  • Shoes that can get a little muddy

Time Away

Need to leave during the weekend/ Fill out this form here so your small group leader knows ahead of time!




Can I invite a friend who is in a different grade than me?

You are more than welcome to invite them to be a part of MyLife, however we ask that students in different grades attend their appropriately aged small group as we want them to develop relationships with those they would be in the same small group with in InsideOut.

What does my registration cost cover?

The registration cost covers the event cost (musicians, games, etc…), your MyLife t-shirt dinner on Saturday night, the small group outing, and reimbursement for the Host Homes food throughout the weekend.

What is Buy One Get One (BOGO)?

If you sign-up in the first 40 people, or the first 48 hours - whichever comes first - you have the opportunity to invite someone to MyLife for FREE. This person just needs to be someone who has never been to InsideOut before. Have a question about who you can invite? Just shoot us an email and we'll help you out.

Once you signup, you'll get a link in the confirmation message to submit your friends information. We'll send them a free discount code, and they'll be good to go. Your friend does not have to signup in the first 48 hours or first 40 people as well. You'll have until January 1st to submit their information, and they'll have until January 13th to finishing registering like everyone else. Signing up early just gives you access to invite your friend, eventually.

Typically, students invite friends that would be in the same small group as them for the weekend. Your more than welcome to use this invite to invite someone from a different grade, but we'd ask that they spend the weekend with their approriately aged small group so that they start connecting with the people they'd be with on a regular basis.

Weekend Logistics

What if I have to leave early or in the middle of the day on Saturday?

First and foremost, we would highly encourage you to treat this weekend as an out of town retreat so that your student can enjoy their small group and a weekend away. However, if something cannot be missed, upon checking in at your Host Home, you will be able to fill our a Time Away Card and give it directly to your small group leader so that they know when your student will leaving, and all transportation for time away events must be provided by you.

What will I be able to eat if I have a food allergy?

On the registration form, be sure to indicate your son or daughter’s food allergy, and that information will be passed on to the Host Home for meals, and we will accommodate them for Saturday night dinner at Northpoint as well.

What's the general timeline for the weekend?

6:30 – 7:15pm Student Check-in at Host Home
7:30pm Students arrive at Northpoint
8:00pm Session 1 at Northpoint

9:45am Session 2 at Northpoint
11:00am Free Time Activities
6:15pm Dinner at Northpoint
7:00pm Session 3 starts at Northpoint

8:15am Student pick-up at host home

What should I bring?

Here's a packing list! Dress warm - it looks like it could be chilly on Saturday.