Important Info

Host Homes

Here's a sample outline to use as talking points for recruiting your Host Home over the phone or in an email.

Dates & DEadlnes

Weekend: January 17th - 19th

Registration: December 1st - January 12th

Host Homes: December 15th

Serving Decided: December 15th

Outing Decided: January 5th

MyLife 45B4: January 5th

Outing & Serving

Here's a list of ideas for both an outing and For Austin to talk about with your students.

Helpful Forms


This is the student registration form if your students are looking for it.

Time Away

This is a form for students to fill out if they have to leave at any point during the weekend.

HH | Serving & Outing requests

Use these forms to tell us the details of your outing, and the details of your Host Home.

Frequently asked questions

Do Small Group Leader's have to pay for MyLife?

Nope! Small Group Leader's costs are included in the cost of student registration.