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Twelve is a weekend for seniors to reflect on what has been and prepare for what is to come. Seniors will get the opportunity to spend the weekend connecting with each other before they embark on their next journey of young adulthood.



Friday, July 31


Saturday, August 1st



Local in Cedar Park, Texas at Northpoint Church and local outdoor spaces.



Registration is now available!

Health & Safety Protocols

Health Screening Form

If you are attending Twelve, please fill this out prior to coming. If you haven't done so, we will ask you to when arriving at Northpoint.



Frequently asked questions

How much does Twelve cost?

Twelve will cost $49 for the weekend. This includes the cost of 4 meals, t-shirts, and other overhead event costs to make it a great sendoff for graduated seniors!

How much adult supervision will there be?

We will maintain a 1:7 ratio or better for students to adults. The students will be with Northpoint staff, interns, and small group leaders.

Can students drive themselves to the event?

Becuase the event is not overnight, and is competely local, students will be allowed to drive themselves.


Reach out to our InsideOut Team with any questions you have!

Packing List

Here are some essentials for the weekend even though it's local.